Ogaone is a multi-brand loyalty program that lets you earn and redeem points on every shopping. With a wide range of in-store and online partners, you can earn points on groceries, fuel, entertainment, travel, apparel and more. Members can stack up points and redeem these points for free shopping. Members earn Ogaone Points by swiping the Ogaone Card or by quoting the Linked Mobile Number at the time of check-out at our participating partners. Points earned can be redeemed for a host of reward options from the Ogaone Rewards e-Catalogue or for free shopping across multiple in-store and online partner brands. Ogaone Membership comes with a host of benefits. Members earn and redeem Ogaone Points at over 500+ in-store and offline partner brands. Points can be earned by booking movie tickets, fuelling up vehicle, for shopping at a variety of online shopping websites, buying groceries, publishing reviews, shopping for apparel and a lot more. Earned points can further be redeemed for rewards at the Ogaone Rewards e-Catalogue or for refuelling the vehicle, booking travel and a lot more. For more details, visit www.ogaone.com

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